for us living + noise is the sound of the people.

when people come together, in what sort of activity what so ever, they create noise. in this interpretation noise can be considered as a positive thing, the result of bringing people together. noise is the sound of collectivity. you could say that noise is an icon of the life.

in a normal situation the noises are diffused over the city. we want to take the different noise together an create a continuous space were the noise space and the dwelling are one unity.

we researched different cities in both italy and the netherlands, to understand the spatial qualities of different public spaces. for example the map of groningen shows how three squares are linked together as one continuous space.

there are two main topics that lead to our design. first of all the fact that noise creates different atmospheres in different spaces. secondly the people as a source of the noise. the combination of these two qualities, can shape a new way of living.

a living in the metropool london, means living in a noise surrounding. our aim is to work with the noise, instead of avoiding it. in the building spaces are designed where people are allowed to create noise. every space has it’s own space quality and furthermore a noise quality. the public, noise, spaces are shaped by the dwellings, and form a continuous system all together.

*project in collaboration with francesco visco
*tutor aynav ziv