the msc1/2 design project of interiors, buildings and cities explores the possibility of a market hall in the afrikaanderwijk, rotterdam-south. the goal of this project is to improve the social and economical position of the afrikaanderwijk and to transform the afrikaanderplein into a meaningful public space.

the markethall will consist of 9000 m2 covered space to facilitate 300 stalls, including some offices and special facilities. since a covered market place is an unknown phenomenon in the netherlands, additional research must be done to make a fitting brief for a built market hall with an underground parking garage that will be open six days a week. expose your goods. you can wonder around as in a labyrinth and discover different products, tastes, smells and atmospheres

the stallholders will create their own ‘shops’ and can choose for a fixed stall or a flexible/ outside one

*tutors rien korteknie + pelle poiesz