the rudolf steiner college is a waldorf school for secondary education. a new building is due on the ammanplein. the challenge is to make a new design for the rudolf steiner college anticipating the design by 24h architecture, applying the program of requirements and the existing design for the new development.

the building must be 6,000m2 bvo for approximately 800 secondary students, including classrooms, a large assembly hall and various staffrooms. also required are gymnasiums of 1,000 m2 bvo and several outside areas. the city of rotterdam is the client of this project and is very ambitious in the fields of durability and energy use.

taking into account the wishes stated by the rudolf steiner college, we have formed a vision around central themes. we feel that the building itself, the main routes, the heart of the building and the spaces form the main themes.


the building itself wishes to become an icon in the area where it is located. the exterior is to be businesslike and selfexplanatory as to what takes place inside. we are aiming for a building which is durable, both in materials used and energy use.

main route

the main route winds its way through the building like a river with side rivulets. the main route should allow for a flow, exactly like a river does, but also for places to pause and stop for a chat. by bringing water into the main route this concept is made clear and will help the people using the building to find their way throughout.

the heart of the building

contact between pupils is essential in a school. there should be one large area where students frequently return. this can be seen as the heart of the school and of the main route. the 'heart' will be the place to meet each other - the assembly hall - the cantine - the entrance to the school.


it should be obvious which subject is taught in each classroom, besides the classroom being a pleasant area for students and teachers to be and to study, for (=want) many hours are spent here.the design of the classrooms can incorporate different dimensions and varying atmospheres as required for different subjects.

*project in collaboration with gertjan vons
*tutors peter van der gouw + rens heestermans